Friday, April 11, 2008

Called up to the Big Leagues

Good news. 51 weeks and 19 blogs after Being in Therapy started I got a lucky call from the Bigs - as far as the psychology mass-market goes. I submitted a pitch to Psychology Today to write this blog for their site, and their editor gave me the green light last week. So, I'm packing my bags at Blogger and pitching my tent at PT. With any luck, I'll use the opportunity to write consistently, get my book proposal together and move on toward publication in due time.

This blog played a big role. As part of my proposal, I sent a link to BIT and based on these writings they invited me into the fold. I'm grateful for this space, the readers and the comments (the ones that weren't solicitations). It's ironic that the week I decided to add consistency and structure to this blog, I was invited to PT. Ironic? Providential? The power of positive thinking? I don't have a clue. I'm just happy it happened.

So come on over and take a look. I have every intention of continuing my quest of empowering clients to get the most out of therapy. Just more frequently, to a larger audience.

Thanks for everything. Come pay me a visit.


The Insighter