Friday, May 25, 2007

Poetry About the Process

Something different here today. A poem written by an anonymous therapy client (reprinted with permission, of course). Enjoy, and feel free to share your thoughts:

Sit and talk
About fears, ideas, dreams, and memories
About pain, pride, grief, and regret
Open the safe and let the hobgoblins out
Trusting, cautiously, that they will be tamed
By you

Recline and discuss
All the plans, blockades, piecemeal parts, young and old
All the people, places, times, and events
The bricks that form the house I have become
Tell me if this structure is sound
I never knew

Relax and divulge
What I’m feeling, wanting, ashamed of, and needing
What I can do, cannot, want to, and won’t
The map has lines, each country has borders
No matter how much, how many
Or how few

Nest and ponder
How I got here, where I’m going, what I’m for, why I am
How I choose, relate, sabotage, and hide
In search of a compass, you show me I have one
Telling me, without speaking, exactly
What to do

With the process, moment, relationship, and emotion
With the words, the looks, the tone, and the person
This unit congeals, realizing its purpose
What I am, how I am, where I am
And who

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Jen said...

i appreciate this site - Answers a lot of questions on why I started going in the first place. thank you